Our History

Our automotive journey began in 1998 here in Manitoba. Driven by a passion for cars, a genuine love for people and the goal of providing individuals with a positive car buying experience. In the beginning, we started selling all major brands with a focus on imports. We had 7 staff with full service department and sales. As the market demands changed, we started importing RV's, boats and vehicles from the US and did this for several years. In the years that followed, we got involved in financing and leasing in a more focused way however, the passion for cars did not diminish. In 2018 we started our focus on Subarus as the quality, reliability, safety and symmetrical AWD made these vehicles ideal for Manitoba climate. Working as a family throughout the years, we have not wavered from offering quality used vehicles at competitive pricing. We are thankful for our existing clients and welcome new buyers always. 

Our Growth

As we saw the need, financing and leasing also played a role in our experiences during this journey as we ventured in different directions to increase our knowledge base while trying to keep a balance raising a young family and involving them as we could. Fast forward 23+years, we have learned many things, our family is still involved at different capacities and we still believe in doing our best to create a positive experience for our customers.


Why Subarus?

We live in Manitoba and the weather can get extreme especially in winter so it is important to have a reliable safe affordable AWD vehicle. As our kids started driving this was even more of a factor. After some research we decided on Subaru as they checked all the boxes for us. For the past 3 years we have shifted our inventory to primarily Subarus and we are still fans. All our family drives Subarus, 7 in total so we know and love our Subarus... We look forward to helping you find the right Subaru for your needs.